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NWSL Players Girls Soccer Coaching Scholarship Partnership with Blayze Announced

Blayze, the pioneer of 1-on-1 virtual pro coaching, is partnering with NWSL players Sarah Woldmoe, Zoe Morse, and Cassie Miller, to award 100 scholarships for a full year of personalized coaching for young female soccer players.

Austin, Texas–(Newsfile Corp. – June 9, 2022) – Blayze, the pioneer of 1-on-1 virtual pro coaching, is partnering with NWSL players Sarah Woldmoe, Zoe Morse, and Cassie Miller, to award 100 scholarships that include a full year of personalized coaching for young female soccer players.

The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) players will collaborate with Blayze by having athletes submit their best practice routine, along with a short statement describing why they deserve the scholarships, with most scholarship applications conducted via social media channels. The coaches then review the submissions and will initially choose five athletes each to receive the Blayze+ Women’s Coaching Scholarships.

“At Blayze we are extremely bullish on the future of women’s sports. I’m incredibly excited to announce this brand new scholarship program, designed to support aspiring young women soccer players,” said CEO and Co-Founder of Blayze, Dion von Moltke.

“We have an amazing group of coaches that have signed up to join the Blayze team, including Zoe, Sarah, and Cassie. The ability for young aspiring athletes to get to learn 1-on-1 with someone that has been in their shoes early in their careers is an opportunity of a lifetime. To be able to do this every day for potentially thousands of athletes has our team super excited.”

“The core of the premium Blayze+ experience is individualized training for our athletes. Recipients of the scholarship will get one year of free 1-on-1 coaching with the coach of their choice. The awarded players will receive weekly training plans, monthly check-ins, personalized 1-on-1 coaching sessions, and much more.”

This scholarship program is rooted in Blayze’s commitment to women’s sports. The company is dedicated to keeping a minimum of 50 percent of women on the coaching team and providing equal pay for all of their coaches.

Additionally, Blayze will keep ten scholarships to be given away to young women players based on the same criteria the coaches will be applying in their selections. Interested players can sign up for this opportunity by filling out this form.

“The fact that all these opportunities can be awarded without any costs is a life-changing opportunity for all of the winning athletes,” said Cassie Miller, the goalkeeper for the Kansas City Current. “It’s so exciting to be part of this program, to be able to make a meaningful positive difference in the lives of these young women players. At the end of the day, Blayze will definitely help them succeed – they will become much better soccer players, and it will make me proud to have been a key contributor to the Blayze scholarship program.”

The Blayze+ Women’s Coaching Scholarship is designed to award free one-year access to 100 qualified players. Through this scholarship, Blayze hopes to increase access to young women in soccer and help more people realize more success in their athletic careers.

A recent article highlighted the benefits of 1-on-1 coaching, describing important scientific evidence delivering overwhelming performance advantages for the student: Discover a competitive edge with personalized coaching.

Blayze has pioneered this totally new way to coach athletes in several sports, including soccer, basketball, stand-up paddling, surfing, and motorsports.

Blayze has built several elegant, well-designed, options to manage the interaction between the student and the coach that the student chose to work with. This includes a new App on the iOS app store, Blayze: Personalized Coaching, as well as browser-based options on mobile and desktop.

The student uploads videos of in-game footage or skill-based activities (such as dribbling, shooting, and one-touch passing). The coach will then respond with detailed analysis, directly onto the video, clearly describing potential areas for improvements specific only to that player. Coaches highlight what can be improved, why it’s important, and how best to make the required adjustments to improve their performance.

The Blayze coaching videos are tailored specifically for the athlete and are subject to strict security and privacy protocols. They can, however, be watched by the student as many times as needed, wherever, and whenever convenient.

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