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Harold is involved with various charitable initiatives, focusing on a range of global issues

Didier and Martine Primat Foundation

The Didier and Martine Primat Foundation is raising public awareness about global threats caused by human activities, and helping to create a more responsible world by supporting educational projects and concrete actions that encourage a more conscious, sustainable way of life.

The foundation is currently supporting marine conservation around the Balearic island of Menorca. The main aim is to restore several shallow water bays, ensuring that these biodiversity-rich areas are protected and improving the ecological health of the three selected sites.

Porte Bonheur

The Porte Bonheur association works with orphans in Switzerland. The foundation aims to bring moments of happiness, make underprivileged children realise their dreams and help them on a daily basis: listening and giving advice on numerous areas. 

Porte Bonheur’s activities were negatively affected by the impact of Covid-19, with fundraising events cancelled. The Primat Foundation and Harold Primat Sheltered Fund have made a contribution to allow Porte Bonheur to continue its excellent work.

SPA Genève

Founded in 1868, SPA Genève works to give animals the best life possible, helping with the rehabilitation and rehoming of abandoned pets. Today, more than 9,000 members participate in supporting its action through contributions and donations.