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The Sniffers and Kayrros Come Together To Compete In The Gas Leak Detection Market

The Sniffers, an international environmental and integrity service provider, has teamed up with Kayrros, a global carbon tracking company, to provide a methane monitoring solution for gas and energy companies around the world.

The Sniffers conduct in-depth surveys of oil and gas facilities to identify and quantify methane emissions from installations directly at their sources. Kayrros leverages satellite imagery from the European Space Agency Copernicus satellite constellation and applies artificial intelligence to detect, measure and attribute methane emissions to their sources in a global approach that continuously monitors large-scale methane leaks around the world in near realtime.  The two complementary approaches can help companies reduce their methane footprints in a transparent and cost-effective manner.

“This partnership presents an excellent opportunity for companies to decarbonize their portfolios from the ground up, demonstrate their progress in doing so and move methane from the cost center to the profit center” said Kayrros CEO Antoine Rostand. “Our combined technology enables an unprecedented level of granularity in tackling methane emissions.”

The Sniffers CEO Bart Wauterick added, “Our new partnership will allow global gas and energy companies to monitor their methane emissions using both a top-down and bottom-up approach, leaving them with a complete and credible picture of their methane footprints. We look forward to working with Kayrros on helping clients reach their objectives in reducing their methane emissions.” Establishing a coalition to fight methane, the second largest contributor to climate change, is of critical importance to achieve the Paris goals. Taking action, however, requires precise measurements and global transparency—elements that were previously missing from methane reduction efforts.

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