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2020 Armor releases another first for martial arts

TORONTO, ON — 2020 Armor, the company transforming martial arts into a mainstream professional sport, has announced the release of the first mass market electronic headgear for martial arts. The 2020 Armor Headgear works with the existing 2020 Armor electronic Vest and measures impacts to the head. It is the first headgear product developed for the general martial art practitioner.

Getting Full Transparency

“Our vision at 2020 Armor is for our training equipment to be the standard for all martial arts. In order to do that, we need to create products that are affordable, durable and easy to use by the general martial art practitioner. Before today, there was no electronic headgear that an average person could purchase to use for their personal training. It’s the equivalent of not having the ability to purchase your own hockey stick, and always having to borrow one when you play hockey. This is significant because in martial arts, the way we keep score is knowing whether an impact was made. When I was on the national team, we used to guess or play the honor system with our training partners when someone scored a point. If you were lucky, your instructor was scoring the match for you. This is a frustrating experience. Using the 2020 Armor Headgear with the Vest and mobile app, the guessing and frustration are things of the past”  Says Ali Ghafour, CEO and Founder of 2020 Armor.

The 2020 Armor Headgear follows in the footsteps of 2020 Armor’s flagship product, the 2020 Armor Vest. Released in 2018 to positive critical and commercial response, the 2020 Armor Vest is the first mass market electronic vest that records impacts and shows the results of the impact on a display on the vest. The scoring is similar to popular video games like Street Fighter, making martial arts more accessible to the mass market. The new Headgear will pair up and work with all existing vests in the market.

Biggest Innovation in 30 years

The 2020 Armor team conducted field research and spent hours talking to various stakeholders in the martial arts world to see what club owners, high performance athletes, parents and beginners in the sport wanted in a headgear. 

“The headgear I used to compete in 1993 is the same headgear people are using today. It was also the same one my instructors used. There has been very little innovation in this space for three decades. We talked to our customers and built a product that first looks amazing. We wanted to not just slightly improve other features, we wanted to do them 10 times better. So we made the most comfortable headgear they will ever wear. It’s the most breathable helmet in the market. It has sweat and air channels built on the inside. We made the ear covering out of mesh so your hearing is not impeded in any way. None of your senses are impeded. We used three different types of foam that help protect against impacts – much better than what’s out there. We made it extremely easy to use,  a 4 year old can operate it. You just tap the head gear against the vest, and it is synced up. The 2020 Armor headgear has the same sensor technology as the 2020 Armor vest, so you can expect the same consistent results to detect impacts. Lastly our products are proudly and ethically made in Canada and the USA. We do not use foam dipped technology (the current technology for headgear) – a production method proven to be dangerous and banned in North America.” says Ghafour.

Rounding Off The Trifecta

The 2020 Armor Headgear is the final component of the 2020 Armor trifecta of products. Used in conjunction with the Vest and mobile app, a club owner, high performance coach or athlete, or a beginner can expect a significant increase in their business or professional and personal goals. Whether it is to generate more revenue for a club owner, know where they need to improve and make better decisions for a high performance athlete/coach, or keep track of their training and get training tips while practicing at home for a beginner. 

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About 2020 Armor

2020 Armor is a sports technology company that develops martial art scoring equipment and software, transforming martial arts into a mainstream professional sport like soccer. The company’s flagship product, the 2020 Armor Vest, tracks impact through a smart vest that shows the score on the vest using scoring from popular video games like Street Fighter. Customers include some of the largest martial art clubs in the world, Olympians and casual home users. The team that founded 2020 Armor consists of former professional martial art players. Investors in 2020 Armor include other professional martial artists and families of major sports brands such as Adidas. The vision of 2020 Armor is to:

  • be the standard training and competition system for the 240M people that practice martial arts.
  • be the foundational technology for a new spectator-friendly professional martial art league.

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