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Smart One: What makes it so special?

From now on brushing your teeth will be more than just your average hygiene task – the Playbrush Smart One and its’ revolutionary artificial intelligence will unlock efficient brushing and allow you to pay less for future dental appointments!

After successfully selling 250,000 toothbrushes for kids, the smart oral care inventors behind the brand Playbrush are launching their first product for adults. A combined package of high-end technology, customer-oriented service packages and unrivalled insurance integration show what dental hygiene will look like in the future.The battle against all the big players over the ‘tooth crown’ seems to be on.

Dental hygiene: Toothbrushes are only the beginning

Playfully teaching kids the right brushing routine with the help of gamification: This is the approach that led the Start-Up based in Vienna and London to great success with their innovative toothbrushes already being represented in 25 countries. Now, the toothbrushing pioneers are launching their new products which promise to be much more than just a fancy electric toothbrush.

Playbrushes foresees the future in dental hygiene by not only by providing the user with a hardware that counts its movements up to 40.000 per minute, three different brushing modes, feedback conducted by light impulses, immediate statistics to monitor your brushing session and a sleek design, but most importantly by additional subscription services that lead to improvements in your daily brushing routine and healthy teeth:

The cleverly devised software is the outstanding centrepiece of the new Playbrush Smart One. Once the brush is connected with a smartphone or tablet, a whole new universe opens up in which the user is able to take advantage of features that will make daily routines more fun. Challenges testing the brushers performance, as well as Quiz-Games in which the right answer is logged in via the right brushing direction and a 3D Brushing Coach, are only a few of the outstanding key features. The artificial intelligence elements within the app make it possible to analyse brushing behaviour individually and lead the user to his or her very own, unique routine by serving daily tips and tricks tailored for the one brushing.

Another feature, which is not only smart, but super smart: Offline brushing sessions are can be synced to the user’s statistics throughout a time frame of 6 months.
To be able to guarantee a continuous performance of the brushing heads and provide regular refills, Playbrush’s service automates deliveries of new brushing heads according to the recommended usage span.

In addition to the app and the offering of a regular delivery service, Team Playbrush is ableto draw even more attention to their newly released product:

Never ever pay again for your professional dental cleaning.

“Our mission does not only focus on making dental hygiene more entertaining for the whole family, but also our goal is to make it self-financing”, emphasises Playbrush CEO Paul Varga.

That is why, the new product comes with a new and highly innovative insurance integration, which combines dental hygiene taking place within the user’s own home and the professional treatment at the doctor’s office. In conclusion, Playbrush convinces with another exciting twist: regular brushers are going to pay less for their future dentist appointments!

Within every brushing session, the user collects real money, which can be used as discount on their next dental hygienist appointment at any practice. Up to an incredible amount of €110 per year can be earned back by brushing regularly – a worldwide unique concept which was developed with one of Austria’s biggest insurances UNIQA and the intersection provider bsurance. Included in this package are two white fillings with an estimated worth of 70€ per year.

Sounds complicated, but Playbrush made it simply: Get your treatment, upload the invoiceon the app and the amount will be transferred to your bank account.

There’s only one small current downside: the dental insurance integration is currently only available in Germany and Austria.

Personalisation instead of One-Size-Fits-All solutions, an ecosystem instead of isolated applications – a holistic approach is in high demand‘Over the past few years we’ve detected that toothbrushing is linked to very individualised habits, even though we all grew up with the same words – after your meal, do not forget to brush for two minutes. There are perfectionists, who finalise their four minutes’ worth of daily dental rituals with extra dental floss and minty mouthwash or those who quickly scrub while checking their social media feeds, inboxes or put their focus on making sure their bathroom looks clean by walking around with their toothbrush in their mouth. That’s why it was exceptionally important for us to create a concept that fits every need and provides every user with the precaution that their individual routine needs.’ That is how Varga explains the motivation behind the clever development and emphasises on the clear Playbrush Smart One motto – ‘Brush as you are!’

The Playbrush Smart One is available from September onwards packed in a simple, modern silhouette available in three colours navy, coral and mint for £ 59.99 (59,99EUR) on The subscriptions plans start from £49.99 (49.99EUR) and contain a free test month. In Germany and Austria, where the insurance is available, the plans are EUR 49,99 (Pro) and EUR 99,99 (Premium), while the service equivalent value (brush heads and insurance) mounts up to a range of 122€ to 230€. It’s a good deal!

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