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Primat and Tractive: A success story with bite

With his investment in TRACTIVE – the company specialising in GPS and interactive motion devices for dogs and cats – ex-racing driver Harold Primat can indulge his love of animals by directly contributing to the start-up’s continuing expansion.

Created by Austrian entrepreneur Michael Hurnaus in 2012, TRACTIVE offers customers an ever-increasing selection of products, from simple GPS units to comprehensive tracking devices. Indeed, among its extensive range is the ‘Pet Tracker’, which keeps you up to date on your loyal companions’ comings and goings, as well as ‘Tractive Motion’, a system that allows you to record all your animals’ activity over a 24-hour period.

Other smartphone-compatible applications include ‘Dog Walk’ – a digital logbook designed to store all of your favourite dog walks – and ‘Tractive Photos’, which provides a photo gallery dedicated to your four-legged friends.

Harold, who looks after four dogs himself, discovered TRACTIVE whilst researching the different systems available for locating lost canines. Having been taken in by its ‘Pet Tracker’ concept, Primat contacted the young Austrian company to express his interest in becoming an investor and product development partner, and after a few short meetings with Hurnaus and his team he officially became a part of the business.

The ex-racing driver has already conjured up a series of ideas for expanding TRACTIVE’s product range even further. Indeed, Primat has especially focused on conceptualising a mobile app that records data relating to dogs’ health on a daily basis – an ambitious idea the company is currently developing through their work with vets.

Having tamed hundreds of horsepower throughout his motorsport career, Primat is looking forward to contributing towards domestic animals’ wellbeing with the same passion that fuelled his professional racing exploits.

Harold Primat: “I’m delighted to have joined TRACTIVE, which is a ground-breaking company with exciting development prospects. There have always been animals in my family, and after growing up with dogs it felt totally normal to have some when I settled down with my girlfriend.

“They are fantastic companions and freely give us a lot of affection. We couldn’t have a life without them. TRACTIVE is not only going to help keep track of cats and dogs, but will also assist in keeping them healthy, so I’m delighted to be a part of this adventure.”

Michael Hurnaus, founder and CEO of TRACTIVE: “We’re delighted to welcome Harold to the company. Despite not actively seeking investors, we always remained ready in case we met the right person, and Harold happened to be that person.

“His support and enthusiasm will allow us to expand even further and fulfil our ambitious projects, which include developing the world’s smallest GPS unit.”

For more information on TRACTIVE, please visit the official website.

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