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“HYPERVSN” is an innovative 3D holographic technology working with some of the world’s biggest companies to help market and advertise their products. The futuristic look of HYPERVSN’s product makes it an attractive marketing option for companies and is sure to make any design stand out from the crowd.

Harold first invested in HYPERVSN back in 2017. HYPERVSN is the award-winning British technology company, responsible for creating the world’s first Integrated 3D Holographic Display System. HYPERVSN’s mesmerising holographic displays, that appear to be floating in mid-air, are perfect for digital signage campaigns, holographic display billboards, digital out-of-home media, activation events and 3D point of sale displays.

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London based HYPERVSN is the technology company responsible for developing the innovative and disruptive 3D holographic system that provides an immersive experience…

By Pole Limited

15 July 2020

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